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The valves manufactured by our company are targeted with the characteristics of being sturdy,durable, flexible and so on. The valves of high quality are designed, developed and manufactured for application in the cement industry environment and meet the technical requirements of cement industry. Now the valves are reputable and have been applied in many cement companies in Asia, Africa,Europe, Mediterranean region and so on. Electro-hydraulic fan valve is the perfect discharge device for the dedust device in the clinker silo, meeting the special requirements of construction industry. Electro-hydraulic fan valve is equipped with electro-hydraulic draw stem instead of cylinder as drive power, which can save the cost for clients. The valve body of fan valve is made of step structure, lowering the impact of material flows. The key parts of valve body of fan valve is laid with wear-resistant liners of fence structure, which can lower the direct wear for the liners.
Rotary feeder is made of vice lip rotary sealing and special packing seal structure, the sealing of which is reliable.Besides, rotary feeder is equipped with the bearing of high-precision, which has the characteristics of long service life, minimum clearance, low oil leakage, fast as well as accurate transporting material and so on. Rotary feeder is especially suitable for conveying bulk material of high pressure, high temperature, material of complex properties and various media.
The gear box can meet different feeding capacities by being equipped with frequency conversion motors of various rotational speeds and types. The rotors will be chosen according to the material, which can make sure that the impeller blade, feeding opening and material work well in the process of impeller rotating to convey material smoothly. According to the property of material, wear resistant bush as well as moving vane can be added and wear resistant material can be replaced to lower the wear and prolong service life.
Three-way distribution valve and four-way distribution valve are manufactured of the steel plate of high quality with replaceable wear resistant lines. According to different needs, different actuators have been equipped with the characteristics of long service life, light weight and wear-resistant, being easy to exchange and operate, precise location of outlet and so on.
Manual operated valve is suitable for conveying and controlling flow of the solid and powder without viscosity, granules material and crystalline material, which is easy to operate and cut off with the characteristics of low weight, simple structure and non-jamming. Besides, it can be installed without the consideration of angle,easy to operate and the its opening can be adjusted at any time.
Electronic valve and Pneumatic valve are easy to operate and cut off with the characteristics of good sealing, low local resistance loss, easy maintaining, deformation resistant and so on.
Electronic Butterfly Valve and Pneumatic butterfly valve are manufactured of stainless steel and carbon steel of high quality. They are easy to operate and maintain with the characteristics of high temperature resistance, wear resistance, simple structure,lower flow resistance loss, precise location of outlet, long service life and so on. They can be installed in horizontal and vertical. Besides, it is equipped with electric actuator cylinder and other related accessories, which can be switched by hand or automatically and controlled by computer, centralized control. Electronic Butterfly Valve and Pneumatic butterfly valve are perfect devices with automatic control for adjusting flow .
Pneumatic cut-off valve is easy to operate with the characteristics of unique structure, wear resistance, low flow resistance, good sealing, reliable self-lock, precise location of outlet, easy maintaining, sealing surface without wear, long service life and so on. The drive shaft takes the sealing form of outer sealing, which is easy to adjust without stopping working, thus, it can avoid leakage. The sealing can work with different kinds of media, which is suitable of adjusting cut-off and caging device. They are equipped with pneumatic device, which is the perfect device for adjusting flow and cut-ff as well as starting .
Electronic louver valve and Pneumatic louver valve are made of stainless steel, carbon steel of high quality and ultra highstrength steel with the characteristics of high temperature resistance, wear resistance,rigid strong, being new as well rational design and so on.The adjustment plate is multileaf and multiaxial, so that the air flow is diverted evenly,of low flow resistance as well as lower hoisting capacity,flexible and reliable working. And the drive parts take lubrication bearing, which is of flexible operation, little friction and being easy to adjust, thus it can control the air flow effectively. They are the best devices for controlling air flow in all the air duct systems, which can make full use of power to work best.


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