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Company Culture

Company Culture

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Sinoma-Tangshan insists on the following principles while building the company culture: culture serves the strategic target for company development, people-orientation, full involvement; managers play the leading role, open, inheritance, innovative and developing material civilization along with spiritual civilization. The company culture established by us symbolizes the time, reflects features of technical company and shows the specialty of Sinoma. Meanwhile, the company endeavors to create a learning atmosphere at the factory and make timely adjustment for the strategy, management style and culture of the company.

Sinoma-Tangshan keeps encouraging the staff with company values, sharpening the staff with hard tasks, motivating the staff with innovative mechanism, taking care of the staff with sincerity and cultivating the staff with comfortable working environment. In this way, the cohesion of the company are formed and improved. Meanwhile, we make efforts to improve the knowledge and morality of the staff; promote team spirit, loyalty and honesty. In addition, we emphasize the importance of subordinating personal interests to the collective ones. The interests of the investors are always kept in our mind. Creating benefits for the company with honesty, diligence and wisdom is the culture we built in Sinoma-Tangshan.